Mercedes A 45 AMG: two versions of 387 and 421 hp

If the Audi RS3 was the first compact that reached the 400 hp, the Mercedes A 45 AMG will be the first to cross! Despite the discretion of the German brand regarding their new sports compact, the power of the latter was determined in the German insurance comparison HUK24, At least the powers there at the 45 AMG would now benefit from two versionslike his big sisters C 63 AMG or E 63 AMG.

So the A 45 would develop 387 HP, while the A 45 S would rise to 421 hp and 6 or 40 hp more than the old model. These powers come from a new 2.0-turbo block, which is presented in comparison to the previously used deeply modified. It remains to be seen whether Mercedes has resorted to hybridization to achieve such a return. Because with more than 200 hp per liter, it reaches a level that has almost never been achieved, even in extreme super sports cars.

The most powerful compact

With its 306 hp, the latest A 35 AMG is already performing well.

The new Mercedes A 45 S AMG would be the strongest compact ever, but certainly also the strongest. It should be remembered that the former A 45 has shot the 0 to 100 km / h in 4.2 seconds, while the last A 35 AMG already announces a time of 4.7 seconds despite its 306 hp. The newcomer should therefore do it have no problems to reach the 4 Series and could even fall below this level, reserved there are still few to the elite of the sports car.

Of course, the 2.0 will be turbo always connected with a four-wheel drive, But as we can see in the video posted by Mercedes for the holidays, this should not prevent the A 45 from making nice slip-ups. On the contrary … All that remains is to wait for the official presentation of this new rage, which will take place in the course of the year 2019.

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