Mercedes-AMG GT 2019 Award: Prizes and equipment presented

The Mercedes-AMG GT appears on the occasion of the show in Los Angeles 2018 in France. Orders are already open and The first deliveries begin in April 2019, The main novelties relate to the exterior style with new looks, new exhaust vents and new body colors (including midnight blue). The redesigned AMG GT features fully digital instrumentation (12.3-inch screen) and a new multimedia system based on a 10.25 inch screen, up from 8.4 inches before. Worth mentioning is also the introduction of a new steering wheel and a more ergonomic center console.

Under the hood the V8 biturbo does not develop with three power levels: 476 hp (AMG GT), 522 hp (AMG GT S), 557 hp (AMG GT C) and 585 hp (AMG GT R).

Mercedes-AMG GT

The basic version of the AMG GT starts at 131,000 euros in coupe and 143,700 euros in roadster, so in total Increase of 2,200 euros compared to the old version, This inflation is partly offset by a richer standard range, including new LED headlamps, the new 10.25-inch Comand Online and Apple CarPlay multimedia systems, the new 19-inch wheels. Inch or even the front camera.

Price in € separated Roadster
Mercedes-AMG GT 131000 143700

Mercedes-AMG GT S

mercedes amg gt 2019

For a little bit more than 19 000 eurosThe AMG GT S wins 46 hp under the bonnet (522 hp) and has a limited slip differential, a special "Race" driving mode and an "AMG Performance" exhaust system. Brake calipers painted red or leather interior / Alcantara. Compared to the old version, the price increase is also 2,200 euros.

Price in € separated Roadster
Mercedes-AMG GT S 150 100 162800

Mercedes-AMG GT C

The Mercedes-AMG GT C starts with a coupe of 161,800 euros. But many comfort amenities like heated seats, leather upholstery. Sportiness is also enhanced by very large diameter brakes (390 mm front, 360 mm rear). the Rear wheels lead This version is also standard.

Price in € separated Roadster
Mercedes-AMG GT C 161800 175000

Mercedes-AMG GT R

mercedes amg gt r 2019

This is the most extreme version of the assortment. And the strongest (585 hp!). The Mercedes-AMG GT R is available from 178 600 euros and has a titanium exhaust system, a 9-speed engine system (!), Bucket seats and a carbon fiber roof, a solid rear spoiler and sports tires. Note that the AMG GT R is only available for the coupé.

Price in € separated Roadster
Mercedes-AMG GT R 178600

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