Mercedes B-Class Test (2019): We'll be back later …

Class B is decorated with a buttonhole In 2005, it was the first compact high-end minivan. This was a success: some of the clientele expected a premium offer to experience the joys of family transport in a cockpit-sized and reasonably sized model. Apart from the BMW 2 Series Tourer, the B-Class does not have much to offer. And fourteen years later, the context has changed: the SUV wave has flooded the market. In France, the fight against minivans seems to be lost: in 2007, 312,000 sales were reached at the zenith, 110 000 are expected in 2018. The slope is constant, a little lower every year.

Some leave the ship: Peugeot, Nissan, Fiat, etc. Others no longer believe much, as did Citroën, who gave the Picasso a cosmopolitan name, C4 Space Tourer, probably because the sale was no longer worth the money paid to the painter's heirs has been. So why a Class B Generation III? In essence, because the Mercedes lineup 23 models! Same number or almost at BMW, Volkswagen or Audi, a testament to the strategy of German manufacturers: to stifle their competitors by the supply and to occupy every corner of the market.

Hood more sloping forward, roof slightly tilted backwards and lowered (1.56 cm): The Mercedes Class B # 3 has energized its properties to escape the image of the "Monospace to Dad". ,

Admittedly, the B-Class has noted the public appeal for SUVs, and the welcome that was greeted for their Series 2 Tourer debut is more dynamic than its own. So it goes in this direction: low roof (1.56 m, -1 cm), stretched (4.42 m, + 3 cm), fluid lines. And above all, he claims his modernity by categorizing the endless screen dedicated to the new A-Class: two thin digital tiles of the same surface (10.25 inches) for GPS and digital instruments without separation or cap Extension are laterally the other. A dashboard in Cinemascope, a taste of the future.

The class B engine range At the start, it's more traditional: five engines that avoid the penalty or keep in a pain-free area: two petrol engines (136 hp, 163 hp), three diesel engines (116 hp, 150 hp, 190 hp). Strangely, no mechanical box: it will arrive at the end of winter, first on the petrol offers, which will reduce the price of 2 250 €. The new B-Class will initially be offered at an estimated price of € 31,850 for gasoline and € 34,100 for diesel. The 150hp 200d version, the heart of the range tested here, starts at € 36,100 (estimate).

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