Mercedes CLA 2019: First impressions on board the four-door coupé

It's on the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2019 Las Vegas Mercedes has decided to introduce its new CLA Coupé as a world first. A choice that may seem surprising to a model that is neither electric, autonomous nor particularly futuristic. On the other hand, the CLA, the most advanced class A compound equipment, is clearly geared towards the audience of millennials (the coveted potential buyers born between 1980 and 2000), while the previous generation accounted for more than 70%. Conquest for the German manufacturer.

A hearing based on the arguments ofMercedes MBUX voice assistantIn an introductory film of the press conference with couples married to the voice of artificial intelligence present on board an EQC turned into a mobile ceremony band through Las Vegas, that's highlighted. The system evolves elsewhere on the small CLA, with the ability to make data commands even more natural, such as:

"I'm hungry and would like a well rated Asian restaurant but no sushi"

The CLA hidden in a red firefighter clearly shows its dynamic vocation and is sportier than the new class A, on the basis of which it is built. The CLA is very slim and at the same time more balanced and flattering than the first generation. At 4.69 m, he won almost 5 cm in length, a slightly longer wheelbase (3 cm) and above all wider tracks this helps to visually "sit" the car. Its very aerodynamic lines are reminiscent of the last generation of the successful CLS: Mission.

A small limousine habitable

Her stern hides one generous volume box 460 liters (-10 l), accessible but deep, opens by tilting the logo of the trunk and closes on a not very well formed handle the handle unpractical. The other difference to the A-Class is, of course, the passenger compartment for the rear passengers. In the form of two tubs with integrated headrests, the bench plays sportsmanship. A third person can sit in the middle, but it remains an inconvenient solution, so often. The two side passengers are well installed and benefit from a generous roof protection Thanks to a carefully rounded flag shape. The knee area remains correct for this car, and there remain compact 3 volumes.

mercedes cla 2019
mercedes cla 2019

In the front seats we find theexcellent class A interface, well thought out, very graphic and efficient ergonomics. A dual digital screen consists of instruments and infotainment that are controlled in different ways, including a touchpad driver gestural control and of course the home voice command as long as you get used to saying " Hey Mercedes "Alone while traveling or in the presence of passengers – an action Millenials should feel comfortable with.

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