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The previous grade A climbed higher : an AMG A 45 version of 381 hp, which comes in late 2015, and then the most compact 4-cylinder the strongest in the world. The last Class A, launched in June 2018, is less powerful at the moment: its new AMG configuration, called the A 35, produces 306 horsepower. But another AMG is approaching. Arrival planned in mid-2019, under A 45 name: about 400 lm under the hood!

Mercedes, commendable, therefore, would like to extend the audience of its surviving AMG versions by a lower access threshold. This AMG A 35 also lowers the class A roof: 1.40 m, 2 cm less. And extends with his muscular shields by 2 cm (4.44 m). It retains its naturally dynamic line as well as the spectacular 20.5-inch cinemascope screen that crosses its dashboard, but the half remains optional: 500 euros for the 10.25-inch digital instrument panel. The AMG Bodykit avoids the risk of aggressive aggressions: double grille and diamond bolts, chrome inserts that spray like razors on the front blades, rear diffuser with four vertical blades. Class A is as beautiful as a beast in the AMG A 35 set.

Mercedes class A 35 AMG price

An AMG version for € 50,000 and dustit never happened The previous AMG A 45 started € 5,000 higher. However, the AMG A 35 is not robbed. Neither force nor technology: four-wheel drive, robot box with automated launcher. Not only in striking elements of the Mercedes sports department: perforated nappa leather flat wheel and red seams, special suspensions, ventilated brake discs, 18-inch two-wheel rims. For those who want more, the Edition 1 launch series is under control: Sport Black Pack, delicious rear wing, 19-inch wheels and other treats for € 57,800.

Diffuser with four vertical slats, chrome-plated exhaust openings of 9 cm diameter: The Mercedes A 35 AMG is visible from the rear in all directions. Who can catch up!

Certainly, the ecological punishment is not a model of rankespecially when he combines gasoline engine and four-wheel drive. When he hears the word AMG, he pulls out his artillery. In order to shoot down the AMG A 35, he drew a revolver instead of a bazooka: from 4 253 EUR to 4 673 EUR eco tax for 2019, we see today much worse. At the current price, the previous AMG A 45 would have paid € 5,113 penalty. What to do with the amount saved? The opposite with the purchase of the Aerodynamic-Pack (€ 1,900), pardi: Its rear wing, a bit mischievous, fits so well with the complexion of an AMG A 35 …

At the wheel of the Mercedes AMG A 35

She gets very strong, her vocalizations flatter the ou † e e ...................... The Mercedes A 35 AMG, however, is very fast in its pace. It's easy to remember if you have a family with you.
She squeezes very hard, her vocalization flatters her hearing. However, the Mercedes A 35 AMG is very easy to handle at a fast pace without sacrificing comfort when carrying a family.

Starting at a low heat : barely murmurs the new four-cylinder 2.0 of 306 hp in the cockpit. A nice touch to preserve the tranquility of the neighborhood. But in times of trouble, the Sport + mode simply has to be activated: The dual exhaust automatically regulates the valves and releases a full, powerful and husky voice. When accelerating, the four-wheel drive relieves the front wheels to prevent them panicking, and reports the millisecond finger stroke on the right-hand palette of the steering wheel. And blows the storm: 4.7 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h, confirms the chronometer of the Race Start function. A little less good than the old AMG A 45 381 hp: 4.2 s. But enough to feel a strong push in the kidneys, which was well received even in wrapped seats.

Mercedes class A 35 AMG test

However, the AMG A 35 does not claim to be pure sports, The distribution of torque says it well: up to 50% transferred to the rear wheels, not more. Even if ESP is delayed or deactivated in Sport + mode to amplify the suspension and steering, it remains typical for traction and thus limits the ability to turn its rear end at the entrance of a turn to the rope point, as in a real animal race. It is not a mistake, it is a choice that allows him to be at the same time athletic in his ascents, from a calm agility of his inscription in curves, to be comfortable, civilized and reassuring. The word "compromise" is often accompanied by a derogatory grimace. It can also be an art. The AMG has reached this level.

In the cockpit of the Mercedes AMG A 35

The AMG steering wheel with its flat, red nappa leather adds a sporty touch to the futuristic dashboard of the Mercedes A-Class AMG 35. With its long 20.5-inch screen. But suddenly it is the central central waves that seem too big and belong to the old days.

The flat-bottomed AMG Natta leather steering wheel with nappa leather adds a sporty touch to the futuristic dashboard of the Mercedes A-Class AMG 35 with its 20.5-inch screen. But suddenly the central circular fans appear too big and belong to the old times.

Mercedes class A 35 AMG test
The full front seats, imitation leather sewn red, fit perfectly to the kidneys and torso. At the speed with which a Mercedes AMG A 35 can drive, this precaution is not superfluous.
Two thin digital tiles of the same size, with no separation or cap, one for multimedia and the other for instrumentation, form the 20.5-inch Cinemascope screen of the AMG A 35. But no series: 550 € for the left-side panel of 7 to 10.25 inches.
Luggage: 370 liters of luggage space are 30 liters more than the old AMG A 45. The AMG A 35 can take a small family with suitcases on board and take them with them.
The class A has grown by 13 cm between the generations III and IV, the wheelbase (2.73 m) was 3 cm. Therefore, two rear passengers are welcome aboard a Mercedes AMG A 35 regardless of their size.
Luggage: 370 liters of luggage space are 30 liters more than the old AMG A 45. The AMG A 35 can take a small family with suitcases on board and take them with them.

Competition Mercedes class A 35 AMG

The provisional withdrawal of the Volkswagen Golf R (310 hp and 4.6 s from 0 to 100 km / h at the time of his fame), leaves the Mercedes AMG A 35 against its two usual competitors: Audi S3 Sportback and BMW M140i. Jig, wheelbase: The A 35 AMG is a long, compact unit that offers more space to inmates in the back row than its German rivals. This choice applies to the same torque, a slightly lower liveliness than the S3 from 0 to 100 km / h and above all a higher penalty.

Audi S3 Sportback
BMW M140i
Audi S3 Sportback

The M140i is developing at a different altitude : 6 cylinder 3.0, 340 hp, fare and eco tax accordingly. In the end, the AMG A 35 is the lowest of the three: it is not common in a Mercedes, even if the slightest penalty of the S3 creates a little balance. The S3 Sportback has a big sister, the RS3: 5-cylinder 2.5, 400 hp, 4.1 s from 0 to 100 km / h. But also 62 180 € and 9 973 € penalty. It is up to the future AMG A 45 to give him the answer. At the moment the A 35 AMG on the lower floor holds the rope: cheaper, better suited for small families and good services.


A 35 AMG


S3 Sportback




4.44 m

4.32 meters

4.32 meters


1.41 m


1.41 m


2.73 m

2.63 m

2.69 m



at 1,210 l

From 340

at 1,180 l

From 360

at 1,200 l


Essence. 4 cylinders


6 cylinders


1,991 cm3

1,984 cm3

2,998 cm3


306 hp at 5,800 rpm

310 hp at 5,500 rpm

340 hp at 5,500 rpm


400 Nm

at 3,000 rpm

400 Nm

at 2,000 rpm

500 Nm

at 1,520 rpm


Four wheels






1,555 kg

1,540 kg

1,615 kg

0-100 km / h

4.7 s

4.6 s

4.4 s

Max. speed

250 km / h


mixed *

From 7.3 to 7.4 l

up to 100 km

6.5 l

up to 100 km

From 7.9 to 8.0 l

up to 100 km



at 169 g / km

From 150

at 152 g / km

180 g / km

Ecological malus

From 4,253

at 4.673 €

From 2,300

to 2 610 €

7,340 €


50 400 €

54,960 USD

52,450 €

(*) in the standard cycle.

Mercedes A 35 AMG review

The limited edition Launch Series 1 revises the Mercedes A 35 AMG with a metallic blue denim finish and the rear wing cap of the Aérynamic pack: one must (€ 1,900, optional for the basic version).
The Limited Edition Edition 1 Series features the Mercedes A 35 AMG with a blue denim metallic finish and the rear louvre of the Aerodynamics package: a must (€ 1,900 optional on the basic version).

Enthusiastic and finally rational Who can put more than 50 000 € for a compact sedan on the table? The new Mercedes A 35 AMG has indeed reduced the sails to reduce prices, but keeps enough horses under their feet to be able to gallop. Sporty line without excessive, modern interior design, luxurious and sporty, friendly template, nice equipment, possibility to switch from rage mode to civilized behavior: the AMG Class A 2019 is a cross without forgetting anything.

We like

• Once at Mercedes not common: the price …

• The beauty of its properties, spiced up by the AMG label

• His double face, sometimes angry, sometimes friendly

We regret it

• That his back is not a bit more playful

• The back of his big size: An S3 is sober

• Large central vents and a particularly long screen do not mix

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