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At first glance, it does not seem so surprising even to the newcomer that a vehicle like the Mercedes G-Class is 40 years old. It must be said that it was already published in 1979, besides, it did not look really modern His look has hardly changed during this timeEven with the new generation landed last year. The G-Class has always looked more like a SUV than a luxury car, and that's normal. That's why it was designed!

Utility and military

When he was Introduced in early 1979 in ToulonHis most important arguments were his "Off-road capabilities without compromise" and be "Variety of maximum use", It must be said that the company was not the star of his first test in the field of commercial vehicles in the field and already had Unimog trucks in the range. In addition, the SUVs had (their first name before grade G) a long military career and attracts many armies, for example from Norway, Switzerland or the Netherlands. Not to mention that Peugeot derived the P4, which was used in the 80s by the French army.

The G-Class already had a short wheelbase decay ...
... but also findable versions.

The G-Class, designed in cooperation with the Austrian company Steyr Daimler PuchBased on a simple but proven technical base, with a ladder frame and a rigid rear axle, decorated with several differential locks. Several bodies have dressed the G-Class in the course of their 40-year career (box van, cabriolet ...) Variety of its engines that this rustic 4x4 has been shown in recent decades.

The extravagant six-wheel version G 63 AMG 6x6.

If we could cleverly find four gasoline cylinders and archaic diesels under the hood, these are the ones Thunderous AMG versionswith up to 630 hp (65 AMG Old Generation), which achieve the greatest success with a wealthy clientele. And given this fabulous ability to renew while maintaining the original style, there is no doubt that the G-Class should still have a very long career.


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