Nissan Leaf e +: more autonomy and power for 2019

At the launch of the second generation of its Leaf in the fall of 2017, Nissan announced the launch of another version with a new, larger-capacity battery. E + called, it is now presented and presented as a more efficient alternative to the standard version. Thanks to his 62 kWh battery and its more powerful engine, this Leaf e + shows a Power of 215 hp, a few 340 Nm and a The autonomy in the mixed cycle increased to 385 km (150 hp, 320 Nm and 270 km for the 40 kWh version).

The Leaf is recovering in the race for the autonomy of electric vehicles and is approaching the performance levels of the youngest Korean SUV Hyundai Kona Electric and Kia e-Niro (449 km and 455 km). Performance page, Nissan does not communicate numbers, but evokes "Better acceleration and more open reviews", As a reminder: The 0 to 100 km / h are shot down in 7.9 s on the Leaf 40 kWh. Despite the higher capacity and higher energy density, the 62 kWh battery is almost as big as 40 kWh.

The Leaf e + is blue on the front.
Nissan leaf E +
The touchscreen of the navigation system is increased in the Leaf e + from 7 to 8 inches.

Of course, this new Leaf E + retains the advances of the standard model, such as the e-pedal system, which allows driving with a single pedal, or the semi-autonomous driving system ProPilot. Aesthetically, the E + features blue buttons on the front and an E + badge under the charging port cover. Inside, we notice the arrival of one new navigation system with 8-inch screen (7 inches on the standard sheet).

An issue 3. Zero e + from 45 500 €

Nissan introduces this new Leaf e + with a special edition 3.Zero. limited to 5,000 copies for Europe, This 3.Zero series includes Tekna high-end equipment and can be selected with seven new colors, including six two-color, in addition to the already available colors. Sheet 3. Zero e + installments start at € 45,500 without ecological bonus, The orders are open today, but the first deliveries will take place next summer.

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