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The range of the Nissan Micra is changing. In fact, it has an unprecedented mechanism. It's a gasoline three-cylinder 1.0 engine, available in two versions: 100 and 117 ch, Note: The second will benefit from the direct injection.

This engine is not a development of the current 0.9 engine. The base is coming out four cylinders (HR13) 1.3 was recently launched (Renault Captur, Dacia Duster ...), from which a cylinder was removed. This new engine, which bears the internal name HR10, will also equip the future Renault Clio V, but only in the declination of 100 hp.

In fact, this engine has been under the hood of the Micra since September 2017, which corresponds to a declination of 71 hp.

Nissan Micra

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The orders for these new versions are open and the The first trials will take place in January 2019,

Nissan Micra specifications

IG-T 100 DIG-T 117
block 3 cylinders
shift 999 cm3
Makes 100 ch 117 ch
Pair 160 nm (144) 180 Nm
injection indirect directly
Max. speed 184 km / h 195 km / h
0 to 100 km / h 10,9s 9.9 s
CO2 release 103g (110) 115 g

In brackets value for the CVT vehicle box


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