Police Checks: They are always posted on Waze and Coyote

Last week, a bill was presented to the Council of State which served the purposes of theprohibit the reporting of certain police checks through community applications like Waze or Coyote. Suspected controls included anti-terrorist or criminal searches, as well as alcohol and drug testing.

A discontinued measure, but for what reason?

Today we learn this, as well as the project for the construction of urban tolls. This measure has disappeared from the new orientation list of mobilities, The reason for this waiver was of course not explained by the government. Relieve tension with motorists and the movement of yellow west?

This is very likely, although the authorities may also have known how much such a measure would have been complicated, And most of all about the cooperation with the many operators (some like Waze are foreigners).

Some welcome this change, of course, as Daniel Quero, President of the Association, has 40 million drivers:

"If this article was not questionable in the state – no one can legitimize the fight against such serious crimes that jeopardize the security of citizens – it opened measures to ban more street news, which would ultimately lead to excessive prosecution of French motorists

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