Porsche 718 T: new version for Boxster and Cayman

And another model in the Porsche range! One year after the 911, the 718 Boxster and the Cayman also claim a new T. Although it is based on standard models and that it emphasizes "purity", it should not be assumed that this definition is more accessible than others. With a price from 65 210 €The Cayman T demands € 8,760 more than the "simple" Cayman, while a Cayman S is more expensive than just € 2,580.

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Not more efficient, but sharper …

Especially as these models 718 T are satisfied with the "small" flat furnace 2.0 of 300 hp and that they do not see their performance progress compared to standard models. The 0 to 100 km / h are in fact shot down in 5.1 seconds, with the PDK dual-clutch transmission even 4.7 seconds. Only the choice of the mechanical box seems to be more pronounced with these versions T, since His reports were shortened for the occasionIt also saves a little weight.

The Cayman and the Boxster T are based on the "small" versions of 300 hp, but are not that much entry.

The hunt for kilos is one of Porsche's main arguments for legitimizing the existence of these T-models. In particular, the PCM multimedia system has been deletedwhile the inner door handles were replaced by belts. Although the weight gain does not seem extraordinary, it would have made it possible to compensate for the recently added mass by using a particulate filter.

Porsche Cayman Porsche Boxster
718 d 65 210 € 67,250 €

The Porsche 718 T also wants to be more dynamic and benefit from it Sport Chrono Packout Sports suspension lowered by 20 mm (Standard models not available) including PASM active suspension, 20-inch alloy wheels and rear differential mechanical lock

Porsche Cayman Boxster T

On the aesthetic level, Cayman and Boxster T differ by theirs different specific monogramsbut also through the gray mirror hulls and the center chrome exhaust ports. It remains to be seen if this small dose of exclusivity will be enough to make these T models really more interesting compared to their S-colleagues.

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