Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport: A version for the track

At first glance, after announcing this new Clubsport variant of the 911 GT2 RS, it would have been thought that Porsche was selling a production version of the car prepared by Manthey Racing to legitimize its new record on the Porsche Nurburgring. However, this is not the case and this new club sport is a radicalized GT2 RS, which should be even more efficient on the racetrack,

No hope to use it on the road, the GT2 RS Clubsport is reserved for the track. Except that in contrast to the last 935 the Clubsport may be involved in certain races and in particular the new GT2 Championship this is the organizer SRO Motorsport.

Lighter than 150 kg

On the mechanical side, this new club sport remains identical to the standard GT2 RS. Its 3.8 -bit 6-speed Flat-6 and the seven-speed PDK still make 700 hp. On the other hand, it benefits from a not inconsiderable relief sinceIt requires 1,390 kg on the scaleabout 150 kg less than the base model.

The steering wheel and dashboard are from the GT3 R Racing.

This is made possible by the extreme shrouding of the cabin, which receives a roll bar, a racing shell seat and a six-point belt. Like the new 935 the Clubsport also acquires the steering wheel and the instrument cluster of the 911 GT3 R of the competition.

Outside, this ultimate 911 is characterized by an even larger rear wing, his front shield with small fins on the sides or his front hood with large air intakes. Finally, the brake system was reinforced, including six calipers with six pistons in front.

Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport
The aerodynamic package is even more radical than the standard GT2 RS.

Radicalized, this version of Clubsport is also on the budget and claims a great complement to the GT2 RS charged 405 000 euros without taxes, That's almost 120,000 euros more than the standard model, but still 300,000 euros less than 935, with which it shares much. Note that Only 200 copies are marketed,

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