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Porsche 911 (Type F)

This is the September 12, 1963Porsche presents the replacement for the 356 at the IAA in Frankfurt. It's called 901 and will take the name 911 the following year. In fact, Peugeot owns the naming rights with a central 0. Under the rear hood, the 130 hp six-cylinder positioned the 911 as a real sports car.

Porsche will attack the US market and develop the version Targa, With its size of 20 cm, this 911 is the answer to safety criticism on convertibles. At the beginning, the rear part consisted of a bonnet. A glass panel will arrive later.

Porsche 911 (Type F)

1966 appears the version S with 160 HP strong and equipped with Fox rims. A year later, the 911 T extended the range, with 110 hp and the 911 E, the injection system was inaugurated.

Considered somewhat tricky driving, Porsche decided in 1969 to extend the wheelbase by 57 mm. In the same year, the displacement increased from 2.0 to 2.2, reaching 2.4 in 1972 Carrera RS 2.7 will cover the range with a 210 hp engine weighing just one ton. Its top speed: 245 km / h!


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