Porsche 911 (Type 992): our first impressions on the track

10% more front-wheel steering, 20-inch front and 21-inch rear wheels, 3-position rear spoiler for 15% extra aerodynamic support, 15% front and 14% front springs back: the promise of the radical Porsche 911 GT3 expected for 2020 ? No: that of a simple 911 Carrera S, which already develops the power of the previous Carrera GTS with 450 hp.

Compared to 911 Type 991, the 911 Type 992 is 2 cm long and 4 cm wide.
Porsche 911 992 2019 gray static rear left
The wheels drive 20 & # 39; & # 39; in front and 21 & # 39; & # 39; behind … like the previous 911 GT3 RS!

But if his description also includes a new "record" on the Nürburgring's Nordschleife (7 minutes and 25 seconds to complete a lap, 5 seconds shorter than the old 911 Carrera S), the new 911 type 992 did not drop too early in radicalism. According to Porsche, it has never been so useful in everyday life …

911 or Panamera Coupe?

Thus, its guided suspension Bilstein promises even more comfort despite reinforced springs. The robotic PDK transmission is expected to be softer when the gears are engaged and has eight instead of seven. In the new wet driving mode, the electronic controls (engine, accelerator pedal, ailerons, rear differential, integral transmission on Carrera 4S) with low adhesions.

Porsche 911 992 2019 gray engine fin
Three positions for the fin are determined by the speed, the thickness of the water on the road or the braking force.
Porsche 911 992 2019 gray dashboard
Very clean, the dashboard has a nice retro side despite the arrival of large screens.

The originality of this system lies in the presence of a rain sensor … in the front wheel arches. it detects the amount of water on the road and offers the driver via a message in the dashboard the wet mode. Without waiting for approval, the 911 automatically adjusts the anti-skid ESP to these conditions. The beginnings of autonomous driving? Certainly not …

Wet mode in the demonstration

To prove to us the advantages of wet mode, Porsche invited us as passengers to climb on wet track in the new 911 Type 992. In a tight corner Our driver brakes and presses the gas pedal: Instead of "letting go" of 530 Nm of torque, the 911 regulates the arrival and gradually accelerates the speed without hitting the rear axle.

4 Porsche 911 992 2019 in Hockenheim
The 911 Carrera S-Test did not contain AWD …
Porsche 911 992 2019 gray sliding
… testing the new wet mode on wet roads.

In normal mode, a lap earlier, the tail of the 911 sketched still pretty "comma", which were inevitably caught by an anti-slip violently in his intervention. However, we enjoyed the tour on the "real" track from Hockenheim, this time in Sport + mode.

A lap in the 911 Carrera S 2019

For this first carousel round, the 911 Carrera S came in its most radical declination: sport exhaust, suspension lowering, active stabilizer, rear wheel steering wheels and ceramic discs. A configuration that allowed our driver to topple the 911 without the slightest concern despite a bitumen with a changing grip.

Powerful braking, soothing balance at the input of the pins, effective traction, the 911 cabling the curves at a good pace and without the slightest movement of a parasitic body. The sound appeared with the sports exhaust up to 7,500 rpm, thrust sensations, which are slightly changed by the linearity of the speed and the smooth running of the gears: done, the little jolt, the right palette mode Sport +!

Porsche 911 992 2019 yellow track back on the slopes
Developed specifically for the 911, the new P Zero tires on wet surfaces would be much more efficient: six seconds on a 2 km round of Pirelli development.

Porsche assumes pure efficiency, not artificial sensation, before deciding that the 911 Carrera 4S (four-wheel drive) has still improved front differential cooling to better support drift sessions. , Hunt the natural …

A 911 plus techno waiting for the hybrid

The latest development of the new 911 was technically conditioned and stood far more than previously available: infotainment system from Panamera and Cayenne (screen 10.9 ", customizable" tiles "), networked applications included in the navigation were integrated … but still no Android car connection), two seven-inch screens that frame the tachometer analogous.

Porsche 911 992 2019 gray interior
The small electric PDK box no longer controls the lever ratios. A mechanical seven-speed gearbox will come before the end of 2019.

And a range of driver assistants such as adaptive cruise control, matrix LED lighting, night vision system and 360 ° park camera What about hybridization? Porsche does not hide it: PDK8-compatible box, power booster from the Panamera Hybrid, the 911 type 992 integrates power into the traction chain. But not before the remodeling (at least 2023) … that leaves us the time to accommodate the successive versions Carrera, Carrera GTS, Turbo and GT3. Phew!

To read it again, Prices of the Porsche 911 Type 992

911 Carrera S and Carrera 4S specifications

911 Carrera S 911 Carrera 4S
engine Six-cylinder flat Two Turbo
shift 2 981 cm3
Makes 450 hp at 6,500 rpm
Pair 530 Nm from 2,300 to 5,000 rpm
transmission At the rear wheels integral
transmission Robot, double clutch and 8-speed
Empty weight kg) 1,515 1,565
Tire AV – AR 245/35 ZR20 – 305/30 ZR20
0 to 100 km / h (sec) 3.7 (3.5) 3,6 (3,4)
0 to 200 km / h (sec) 12,4 (12,1) 12.7 (12.4)
Maximum speed (km / h) 308 306
Consumption / CO²
Mixed (l to 100 km) 8.9 9.0
CO2 emissions (g / km) 205 206
Malus 10,500 € 10,500 €
L x W x H 4.52 x 1.85 x 1.30 m
wheelbase 2.45 m
breast volume 132 l
reservoir 64 l

(*) Values ​​in parentheses: When Pack Sport Chrono (Sport + Mode)

Porsche 911 992 2019 yellow course on course
Porsche 911 992 2019 yellow during reverse braking

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