Porsche 924: A rare version of Shooting Brake

The coupes transformed into hunting cars have always inspired sports fans. They are often very limited in production and now become real collectors and can be traded at gold prices depending on the pedigree. After the Jaguar XJ-S Lynx Eventer and Ferrari 330 GT is here one new example of a hunting car, based on the Porsche 924, Slightly more modern, but also financially more accessible, this car is now for sale on the grounds ebay,

The German DP Motorsport creator realized only three "shoot brake" transformations based on Porsche 924, although later also several 944 were rebuilt. What interests us today is a 1976 model that was modified in 1986. First mechanically, the engine, the box, the suspension and the brakes of the turbo version (170 hp) was recorded instead of 125 ch originally), then on an aesthetic level, with the result can be seen here.

Porsche 924 Shooting Brake

Unlike the other 924 Shooting Brake, she kept her original narrow wings (the others got wide wings with 944), even though the front shield looks like a 944. This "DP Cargo" today displayed today 128 164 km and the English company Gmund Cars, which put it up for sale for £ 30,000 33,445 EUR,

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