Porsche Macan Test (2019): Times have become reasonable …

Remodeled in the medium term, equipment brought up to dateEngines and engines adapted to new environmental standards. These are the three works that the Macan, the leading model in the Porsche range, will run until the end of 2018: 9,400 units broadcast in France since its launch in 2014, accounting for 45% of Prancing Horse sales (no, not Ferrari) the others …) at their peak in 2017. The redesign did not require much effort: Bug hardly retouched (fog lights disappear, side air intakes with straight and thin blades) and headband bright, which now crosses the back, family signature already on Cayenne and Panamera attached. There was no need for it: The Macan was born pretty with his powerful and flowing line.

"The Macan has abandoned the diesel as the entire Porsche range …"

Inside, the multimedia screen is growing: 10.9 inches instead of 7.2 before. As a result, the aerators that were on their flanks are pushed down one level. The Macan now receives GPS series, full LED headlights (including 4-point daytime running lights), and the list of options is abundant: semi-automatic control in traffic jams up to 65 km / h, heated windscreen, sports steering wheel borrowed from the Porsche 911. Last but not least, the range of engines has shrunk.

Porsche Macan 2019
Porsche Macan (2019)
Porsche Macan 2019

Diesel engines, which account for 60% of Macan's sales in France, have not been produced since February and will not return. A decision that applies to the entire Porsche range. The versions Macan GT (V6 3.0 360 hp) and GT Turbo (V6 3.6 400 or 440 hp) are not yet renewed. So there are only two suggestions left on the table. The Macan S has taken breath: The new V6 3.0 354 hp makes 14 hp more than its predecessor. Conversely, the four-cylinder gasoline 2.0 Macan reduces its wings somewhat: 245 hp, 7 lm less, absorbed by the particle filter.

Porsche Macan Award 2019

Porsche is familiar with the simplicity of the fare : no grid, only a suggestion to 60 860 €. The Macan has thus increased by € 2 000 (58 835 € before the redesign). A very moderate increase in view of the 10.9-inch screen, the particulate filter, the taillight strip and the previously claimed with 3,130 euros for GPS, xenon headlights and LED daytime running lights performance. However, this sum is not an admission ticket. Because the other builder of the stormy horse practices the politics of the empty house: it then has to be set up.

Porsche Macan redesigned (2019)
The redesign of the Macan focused primarily on the back, with this transverse strip of light, which now connects its headlights as in the Cayenne and Panamera.

Why not? Buying a Porsche is a highlight. Defining your own Macan bit by bit, takes part in pleasure and extends it. Whether air suspension, active differential, automatic start or sport exhaust require a detour through the list of options, it is normal: these elements have a high technological content. However, request an additional parking radar (€ 360), access and start without key (€ 708), reading panels (€ 360), the Apple CarPlay port (€ 300) or the rear side airbags (€ 370) As a standard feature of models of this status, it is a small car that tops the price range in its category. Use and elegance are as follows: luxury restaurants do not charge for bread. The Macan, yes.

Drive the Porsche Macan

Porsche Macan (2019)

In fact, there are two Macan. The first is an Audi Q5 generation 2008 Recarrosse: same platform, same engine. He makes no mistake. The 2.08-horsepower petrol engine with 248 hp, which is elsewhere known under the name TFSI, drives linearly in the towers in a discreet hiss that matches its subdued temperament. This Macan is beautiful to wear, soothing, agile, well-balanced, comfortable and efficient. In the balance sheet no mistakes, but little emotions and not the feeling to sit behind the steering wheel of a Porsche. The explanation is to see the seesaw: 1870 kg, that's too much for an SUV that claims dynamic manners. The Macan pays the age of its chassis as well as its taste for beautiful materials, soundproofing and plush cockpit: the same size as the BMW X4 or the Alfa Romeo Stelvio weighs 100 kilograms less. And a 911, barely shorter than a hand (4.50 m), 400 kg less …

Porsche Macan redesigned (2019)
Porsche had already modified the original Q5 chassis to bring the Macan to life. Continued operation during remodeling: Front forks made of aluminum, which were previously made of steel.

The second Macan is the same as the first, It drives the 0-100 km / h not faster: 6.7 s. However, a wide detour through the list of options changes the driver's perception. The sport exhaust (2.424 €) makes engine fire husky. The management with progressive support (246 €) strengthens the steering wheel. The pneumatic suspensions (€ 2,652) add to the liveliness by reducing the ground clearance by 4 cm and maintaining the support posture. The Active Differential (€ 1,500) helps the Macan avoid slow cornering acceleration. The Sport Chrono package (€ 1,146), which locks into place when holding the steering wheel, gives it a boost for twenty seconds and allows scratching from 0.2 seconds to 0-100 km. A total of 8,000 euros more, but another Macan, determined to get away from the Q5, to get closer to the sporting values ​​that are closely linked to the history of the Porsche House.

In the cockpit of the Porsche Macan

Porsche Macan (2019)
The cabin of the Porsche Macan is elegant, opulent and tidy. The magnification of the multimedia screen pushed the central vents one floor down. The lower part of the console, large and well defined, is lined with buttons at the edges.

Porsche Macan (2019)
It is good to travel to the rear side seats of the Macan: wide and deep seats. Ransom a 40/20/40 bank, the central passenger is worse.
Porsche Macan (2019)
Deep and with the flanks to the right, the chest of Macan is good: 500 l. The space under the floor is suitable for conversion. Terms of payment: option to 324 € …

Porsche Macan competition

Alfa Romeo Stelvio
Porsche Macan redesigned (2019)
Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Time flies. Born in 2014, Macan is already a veteran in the club of premium SUVs. The competition is younger: BMW X4 (2018), Audi Q5 and Alfa Romeo Stelvio (2017), Jaguar F-Pace and Mercedes GLC Coupe (2016). They were aware of the rising fury of the malus and paid more attention to their weight than the Macan. And made sure not to turn your back on the diesel. That a Macan at Nahkraft costs more than an X4, nothing unusual. However, if the X4 30i is brighter (6.3 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h) than the Macan and pays half a penalty less, Porsche's promise is no longer upheld.

Jaguar F-Pace
Jaguar F-Pace

With the same engine 2.0 TFSI 252, the Q5 (4.66 m) also gave the lesson for the Macan: 6.3 seconds, 75 kg less, lower penalty. However, it is appropriate to talk about the imperfect: The Q5 has just removed its unique gasoline version from the stand! Only in the spring of 2019 it will come back with 245 hp and particulate filter. This long compliance period shows how the "diesel gate" has weakened the entire Volkswagen Group. The Macan, its diesel versions or even the gasoline hybrid engine of the GLC Coupe are another offense that allows competitors to lower the environmental tax further.

Porsche Macan

Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2.0T



Jaguar F-Pace


4.70 m

4.69 m

4.75 m

4.73 m


1.62 m

1.67 m

1.62 m

1.67 m


2.81 m

2.82 m

2.86 m

2,87 m


A gas. 4 cylinders. turbo


1,984 cm3

1,995 cm3

1,998 cm3

1,997 cm3


248 ch

at 5,000 rpm

200 ch

at 4,500 rpm

252 ch

at 5,200 rpm

250 ch

at 5,500 rpm


370 Nm

at 1600 rpm


at 1,750 rpm


at 1,550 rpm

365 Nm

at 1300 rpm


1,870 kg

1,735 kg

1795 kg

1,831 kg


Four wheels



7 reports


8 reports

0-100 km / h

6,7 s

7.2 s

6.3 s

7.0 s

Max. speed

225 km / h

215 km / h

240 km / h

217 km / h

ground clearance

21 cm

20 cm

20 cm

16 cm



at 1500 l

From 499

at 1600 l

From 525

at 1,423 l

From 650 l

at nc


mixed *

8.1 l / 100 km

7.9 l / 100 km

7.2 l / 100 km

7.8 l / 100 km


185 g / km

181 g / km

164 g / km

179 g / km

Malus 2019

8,753 euros

$ 7,613

3,756 €

7,073 €


2 years, unlimited kilometers

3 years

or 100,000 km

2 years unlimited kilometers

3 years

or 100,000 km


60,860 €

From 44 300

at € 53,600

From 56 400

to 64 500 €

From 54.150 € to 63.750 €

(*) In the correlated NEDC standard cycle WLTP.

Porsche Macan review

Porsche Macan redesigned (2019)

The Macan could not count on his birth when in 2014 he took over the chassis of a Q5 introduced in 2008, the trap that would close him. Since then, the ecological penalty has been released in France, and the diesel is almost illegal. Therefore, its redesign can not change anything, it weighs too much. The Macan S v6 3.0 354 hp covers this overweight: 0 to 100 km / h in 5.1 s. But the end of the Macan's path looks bleak, with a fine (€ 8,753) and a TVS that will annoy companies. On the aesthetic level, he took no ride. In the chapters Weight, Power and Consumption, which are interconnected, others are better off today. The conclusion falls under the pen: strong Macan II, which is built on the basis of the last Q5,

We like

  • The line, powerful and elegant
  • dynamic behaviour
  • Inner treatment

We regret it

  • The price
  • The punishment
  • The weight that throttles the 245 hp gasoline engine

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