Porsche Taycan: a version cut in project

While the arrival of a multi-variant Cross Turismo hunting car has recently been confirmed, the Taycan electric sedan may well be under a third coupe body, After our Spanish brothers Motor.esThis new declination was in a very advanced phase of study and would just wait for the green light to continue its evolution.

The coupe would be the third body the Taycan had accepted after the sedan …
… and the hunting break that shaped the Mission E Cross Turismo concept introduced in Mission 2018

This coupe would be closely derived from the Taycan and have a silhouette fairly close to the latter, but with a more dynamic styleThanks to its two doors less. This model could also be lighter than the sedan and the car and thus become the most sporty and dynamic electric models of the brand.

The first electric coupe from Porsche

Especially since Porsche at the moment would have The idea of ​​a 911 100% electric abandoned, In fact, the brand's engineers would not have found the same behavioral dynamics as the thermal versions and would have postponed the electrification of the "icon" later. The Taycan coupe would be the first electric coupe from Porsche, but also the only one for a while.

Finally this new model could play the role of the modern 928That many fans of the brand have long been waiting for a larger and more luxurious coupe than the 911 and the Cayman. However, it is likely to wait until 2021 before such a model is launched.

If you ever had any doubt about the pronunciation of the name Taycan, Porsche leads you to the following video:

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