Renault RS Performance: Accessories for the racetrack

If some people found that their Clio RS or Mégane RS had no exclusivity, Renault Sport now offers them a solution with the new RS Performance range of accessories. These spare parts are mainly intended for amateurs of circuits. On the one hand, thanks to the radical surplus that they offer the car, but also and above all, because they are not not approved for the road,

Aesthetic and mechanical parts

This RS Performance line is being introduced today for the Clio IV RS and later developed for the Mégane IV RS as well as for earlier generations of both models. It includes Pieces dedicated to the styleLike the body kit, which was inspired by the Clio RS 16 concept, which includes the large rear spoiler, sills and special wing extensions, or a lighter carbon bonnet.

We also find mechanical partslike the two suspension sets, a drain valve or an intercooler, In the near future, high-performance brakes, collision protection and exhaust systems as well as seat shells made of carbon or black or red Turini wheels will be available.

In addition to this range of accessories, Renault Sport also offers derivative products a series of workshop products, It includes a workshop girl, a toolbox, a jack or a torque wrench. All these accessories and derivatives will be Available in the Renault Sport online store and in the Renault network.

renault RS clio performance

Here are the prices for some of these RS Performance parts for the Clio IV RS:

  • Bodykit RS 16: 2000 €
  • Aileron set RS 16: 1249 €
  • Lightweight carbon hood: 1800 €
  • equipment Intercooler : 960 €
  • equipment drain valve : 260 €
  • RS12 suspension kit: 1020 €
  • RS14 suspension kit: 1200 €

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