Seat Leon TGI: Leon's prices racing on CNG

In France, vehicles powered by natural gas (NGV) are still very few on the market. It has to be said that this fuel unlike other countries like Germany or Italy, where this fuel is very popular, The possibilities to refuel NGV remain very limited on our territory (154 outlets are listed in October 2018).

So, with the few models proposed by Fiat (Panda, Punto and Doblo), the new Leon TGI introduced by Leon becomes one of the rare offers of vehicles powered by natural gas available on the French market. The latter is available with five-door bodies and ST brake. It has a 1.5 hp engine with 130 hp, which is optionally equipped with a six-speed manual or a seven-speed DSG transmission.

The TGI version has a fuel tank (blue) and a tank with NGV (green).

The TGI engine of this Leon is a Hybrid combining gas and NGV According to Seat, it is possible to consume up to 30% less than a diesel engine and 50% less than a gasoline. It selects the GNV, if available, and switches to gas if necessary. CO emissions2 be rejected also very small, with 96 g / km announced for the TGI Leon.

Seat Leon TGI Award

The Leon TGI is Available with style and Xcellence surfaces, Prices start at 25,990 euros for the five-door version and 27,140 euros for the ST station wagon. It should be noted that business customers benefit from these 3-year models of the TVS exemption.

Seat Leon 5 doors style xcellence
1.5 TGI 130 BVM6 $ 25,990 $ 29,040
1.5 TGI 130 DSG7 27,690 € $ 30,840
Seat Leon ST style xcellence
1.5 TGI 130 BVM6 $ 27,140 30 190 €
1.5 TGI 130 DSG7 $ 28,840 $ 31,990

Soon a TGI Arona

Seat Arona TGI

As we could see at the Paris Motor Show 2018, Seat is also investigating the commercialization of a TGI version of the small Arona SUV. Equipped with a three-cylinder of 90 hp, this could be one arrive in the course of the year 2019 and would be the first GNV SUV available on the market.

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