Smarlinette when a smart roadster crosses the street to a berlinette

Fans of the myth Berlinette Alpine A110 ? The beautiful blue sixties are unfortunately not accessible to all budgets. With a six-figure price, she speaks of more than one buyer. The company Quelet Composite has found an alternative. Against a check of 16.540 euros and the provision of a Smart RoadsterYou can drive again Alpine A110… or almost. Explanations.

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Located between the Territoire de Belfort (90) and the department of Doubs (25), Franche-Comté, a specialist in glass fiber, has put together a body kit that gives the appearance of yesterday's Berlinette A110 an intelligent roadster.

Twice sure

The rear overhang of the Smart Roadster was stretched very much.

Of course, some compromises have been made, such as preserving the obvious safety and certification issues of the Smart Tridion Living Cell. The doors, the windscreen and the roof – with screens – remain unchanged.

The lights of the Smarlinette are identical to those of the Berlinette.
The lights of the Smarlinette are identical to those of the Berlinette.

On the other hand, the overhang is increased to have the proportions close to those of the Alpine housing, which has the engine at the very back. This makes it possible to use a second trunk in addition to the under the bonnet. The stern of the Smarlinette takes a trunk and lights, which are modeled on those of the Berlinette on the A110.

Smart Roadster
Smart Roadster rear view red
Smart Roadster

The muzzle is also radically changed. The modeling of the hood and in particular the grill with four lighthouses cultivate the similarity. As a smart man, Phillipe Chalot, creator of the car that has made his weapons at theSchool of Design Espera by Franco Sbarromanaged to use the same front and rear bumpers. A piece perfectly symmetrical to place in every corner, it inevitably costs less!

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In order for the profile to be consistent, part of the central lot is painted black to harmonize the side glazing. The Plexiglas rear window completes the transformation very well.

A modern interior

On board, the inspiration is more modern.
On board, the inspiration is more modern.

On board, however, is no longer the Berlinette of the 1960s, but her contemporary heiress, which was presented in 2017 and brought 58,500 euros for the launch edition on the market. The steering wheel has a logo in the center, which individually produces that of Smart with that of Alpine and the number of gear you can imagine, with a degree of personalization.

The new Alpine A110 interior
The new Alpine A110
The new Alpine A110

Behind the two seats, the Smarlinette retains the mechanics of the Smart Roadster: a 698-cm three-cylinder gasoline engine3 You can also supply 82 ch Brabus version its engine has a power of 101 hp. With a weight of around 800 kg, the Smarlinette remains close to the philosophy of the Berlinette.

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Smart Roadster Coupe Mini Marco revival illustration Didier RIC
Mini Marcos Revival based on Smart Roadster Coupe

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