Steve McQueen's Trans Trans Pontiac found in a barn

When it comes to automobiles and Steve McQueen's film career, falls as the first car of the Bullitt Ford Mustang. Nevertheless, the actor has led many other cars in his career, such as the Pontiac Trans Am from the movie "The Hunter," which was released in 1980. This is also the case the last he drove as an actorbecause he died a few months after the release of the film.

The car before it goes on explosives.

A funny thing, Steve McQueen, who was known for his driving skills, plays in this movie the role of a bounty hunter who is a bad driverEven a real public danger when driving a car. The Pontiac Trans Am we are interested in today is the one the hero of the film praises on his arrival in Nebraska while looking for two fugitives. The car ends up in several parts after an explosive explosion while it was stolen by the two thugs.

Two copies of Trans Am were used Both had been sacrificed for the shoot, especially since the first explosion was not spectacular enough, according to the producers of the film. A farmer named Harold McQueen (not related to Steve …), who took part in the filming, was rewarded for his help by Paramount Pictures, which received the title of the first car.

A Pontiac Trans Am is waiting for his recovery

Pontiac Trans on 1979

Harold had originally planned to restore the car, but finally ended and the Trans Am remained in that condition for 39 years. after all, In early 2018, he agreed to part with it and gave the car to a friend of his daughter. The latter was found in the documentation, which proved its authenticity, while the transformations that were necessary to realize the cascades were still visible.

It is not yet known if the new owner of the car has planned a restoration. In any case, the surgery may require a lot of work. To remember, that The Trans Am were the sportiest versions of the Pontiac Firebird, equipped with larger engines and a special body kit.

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