Tesla Model 3: Discover the video production

The Tesla Model 3 is very innovative in comparison to the rest of the electric cars because of its performance and its outstanding performance. And the Californian company shows us today that it's also its mode of production. It releases a video of the time-lapse type, thanks to the We can see all stages of the production of the sedan in the Fremont factory.

It is surprising that the dashboard and its large touch screen are elements that are installed very early in the manufacturing process. It should also be noted that the factory staff can carry out certain operations in the vehicle sits on a moving arm, Some operations are only performed by robots.

It should be remembered that the Tesla model 3 enters the French market at the beginning of 2019. The first deliveries are scheduled for February. While waiting for the "small" version is expected during the year, the Model 3 is still in sight currently available in two variants "Great autonomy" and "performance" each had € 59,500 and € 70,300, respectively.

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