Tesla Model 3 Price: From € 53,500 bonus deducted

The wait has taken a long time, but it is finally being rewarded for the French Tesla customers, some of whom have booked their Model 3 for some time. The first deliveries of the "small" sedan of the California manufacturer will intervene February 2019 in our country and is based on the original booking date, place of delivery and options chosen.

Owners of a reservation for the Model 3 are thus invited to confirm their order in the next few weeks and choose one of the first two versions available: Performance or Large autonomy.

The prices of the Tesla model 3

With us the Model 3 is displayed for 59 500 € (or 53,500 € ecological bonus deducted) in the variant large autonomy and 70,300 € (64,300 € bonus) in the performance variant. While these rates are well above the originally announced price of $ 35,000, entry level with a smaller battery will be proposed during the year 2019.

For comparison: A Jaguar I-Pace, whose size is comparable, is displayed from 78.380 €, almost 19,000 € more than the Model 3 Large autonomy. If the acceleration level is identical (0 to 100 km / h in 4.8 s), the range is less (480 km vs. 544 km).

Tesla model 3

The standard features of the Model 3 include heated seats, 12-position front seats, 4 USB ports, automatic emergency braking, and front and side impact alarms. The Premium Connectivity Pack, including Mapping and Spotify, is available for one year.

The small Tesla is painted as standard with "Black Uni", while the other case colors are between € 1,600 and € 2,600. Options include 19-inch sport bikes for € 1,600 (18 inches in a row) and the automatic control system (Adaptive Controller, Tracking and Automatic Parking) at € 5,300.

After all, all owners of the model 3 naturally have access to the network of compressors (3,600 across Europe), using billing.

Two versions to start

At the start the Model 3 is available either in the Large Range version or in the Performance version. As the name implies, the first section emphasizes autonomy and claims 544 km in the WLTP cyclewhile the second shows a performance that is worthy of the best sports. With a speed of 0 to 100 km / h in 3.7 s this becomes the Fastest segment D sedan in the marketand even surpassed a Mercedes-AMG C 63 S (4s to 0 to 100).

Tesla model 3

Note that these two models 3 are equipped with the system Twin engine four-wheel drivewhich will probably not be the case for the next "small" version.

Model 3 Great autonomy power
Autonomy (WLTP) 544 km 530 km
0 to 100 km / h 4.8 s 3.7 s
price 59 500 € 70 300 €

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