Tesla Trial Version 3: First contact with a small Tesla

Small step back: On March 31, 2016 Tesla opened the bookings for his model 3, the famous "popular" electric car, which was searched by Elon Musk since the beginning of the brand under his time. Tesla's end in itself, which, according to his explanations, had to be launched with top models to produce the financing, the industrial instrument, the know-how and the experience that would make it possible to produce this long-awaited model.

Apart from production delays in quality issues, to endangerment of the brand last year, the Model 3 took a long time to reach its production rate of 5,000 cars per week. This seems to be the case today and the American arrives in Europe in the coming months. In Los Angeles, in his native California, we had the opportunity to drive for a few hours, in the intermediate version with a single engine and a large battery.

Tesla Model 3 Awards

When Tesla Announced $ 35,000 (Price Excluding Taxes)The model 3 is far from being offered at this price level. In fact, $ 46,000 excluding taxes is the true price of the first Model 3 available today in the United States. Our test model with a single engine and a large battery with a theoretical autonomy of 500 km is given for $ 57,500 tax-free and before the subsidy or € 50,450. A nice sum, considering the dimensions of the car (4.69 m) and its general C / D segment performance. Recall that the Model S in France starts 84 800 € TTC.

Tesla Trial 3 (2018)

The Tesla Model 3 was presented for the first time in France on the occasion of the Mondial de l & # 39; Auto. It has aroused a curiosity that shows the public's expectation for this American. The release of the Tesla Configurator, which includes pricing, features and datasheet, is the first in the coming weeks before the first deliveries of Tesla Model 3 in France in the first half of 2019.

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