Test BMW 3 Series (2019): The queen is dead, long live the queen!

Despite the rise of SUVsThe BMW 3 Series Sedan embodies the image of BMW far more than the comrades. It is still the epitome of good, good, good sport that has underpinned the manufacturer for more than half a century. Prose is involved break his derivatives Touring and cutSeries 4 one of the best selling models in the world. The design of the seventh Series 3 of the name, called "G20", was, as always, entrusted to the good care of Mr. Plus. Compared to its predecessor F30 it is 8.5 cm longer, more powerful and of course receives a whole new set of technological equipment.

The rear of the BMW 3 Series continues to develop in depth, but the design of the lights is not consistent due to the similarity with those of Lexus.

The mass of the new series 3 Depending on the model, the weight drops by about 50 kg, which seems almost disappointing compared to some competitors such as the Alfa Giulia or Peugeot 508, much slimmer. She is very careful not to disturb the traditions and adopts an aesthetics close to her predecessor, only to be infallibly recognizable. Like all other BMWs, however, he receives hypertrophic nostrils, with discretion, which does not have good press in China, becoming a crucial market for them. But especially on the back and the lights like Lexus, the guardians of the temple do not stop to rejoice.

320d and 330i will start in March 2019

At the start of the new BMW 3 Series is offered In the 320d version of 190 hp and 330i of 258 hp, we both tried. Both engines are developing in depth. To meet the new environmental standards, the 2.0 diesel is switched to two-stage turbocharging, with a small and a large turbo depending on the diet. This engine with an injection pressure of 2,500 bar is like a goldsmith with an impressive mechanical complexity. Simple, however, the 330i's 4-cylinder petrol gets many modifications that allow it to gain 6 horsepower: increased injection pressure, multi-hole injectors, or a lighter crankshaft.

Prices for Series 3

BMW Series 3 (2019)

On the tariff side, inflation is clear as it is necessary to pay € 1 150 more for the 320d at the finish of the lounge. The justification of the brand is expected: The Series 3 offers a better price-performance ratio than its predecessor. It must be said that BMW France has chosen rich features right from the start, as the 320d and 330i automatically receive GPS navigation, Wi-Fi interface or applications that have been connected for three years. However, the manufacturer retained the taste of pettiness: to replace the ridiculous 40-liter tank with a 59-liter model on the 320d, 180 € must be added, as if autonomy was not a good reason to purchase a diesel …

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