The Audi A1 Sportback 2019 challenges the 5-door Mini Cooper

The market launch of the first Audi A1 in 2010 saw the segment of premium city cars in mind. Audi came in this niche to Mini and Citroën brought his first DS3 on the market. And then … nothing more. Mercedes has never arrived, BMW has just deployed its mini-division, Lexus has not even looked and Volvo has everything in the SUV.

In 2019, the Audi A1 Sportback 2 even the road looks a little bit more since the new DS3 has played in the yard of a small SUV. The only replica comes from Mini, the latest generation of which is available in a 5-door version, to give the legendary English a little more flexibility. A model redesigned at the beginning of 2018 with a new dual-clutch gearbox in the Cooper version and an intact seductive power.

Styled for the Audi A1 2019 and style, yet charming for the Mini.

A1 Sportback and Mini 5 doors The same applies to the weapons of city dwellers who love small, chic sedans … and pay without counting too much. Because between the base price, which is not gifts, the options as numerous as tempting and the elements of personalization, the bills rise quickly. If the cost is part of the fun, you're in the right place, otherwise you'll always find the Fiat 500 to be friendlier, cheaper, but much cheaper.

Audi A1 2019 and Mini 5 door prices

To justify the price, the new Audi A1 brings the benefits into harmony: better design, more advanced technology and livability thanks to clear gauge at 4.03 m (+ 6 cm). The small Audi is even more masculine with its sharp features and looks like little athletes, such as our test model in S-Line finish with contrasting sills (280 €), Blue Turbo color (350 €) and white sports wheels 18 inches (color specific for the Launch Edition). The configuration is nice, the bill less: $ 29,470 in version 30 TFSI line, with no options and with a 1.0 engine of 116 hp, which is not a war bolt.

Audi a1 2019 grille
Audi A1 Sportback 2019
Mini Cooper 5 doors restylé
Mini Cooper 5 doors redesigned

The Mini Cooper 5-door with Chile pack offers a price advantage (28,200 €) and power (136 hp, 20 equid more than the Audi anyway). But it is not necessary to be happy too fast: the test of the endowment series, which is less rich, compensates the final price against the Audi A1 (see table). And both think they are princesses: with all their possibilities shows our mini 5-door test point $ 33,880 and our test A1 surpasses that 35 000 € …

traveler audi a1 2019
Our Audi A1 test: Version 30 TFSI with 116 hp, Boxs Tronic and finish line. Price: € 28,200 (model photographed with Launch Edition presentation)
Our mini-test with 5 doors: 136 hp Cooper version, Steptronic box and chili pack. Price: 28 200 €.
Our mini-test with 5 doors: 136 hp Cooper version, Steptronic box and chilli pack Price: 28,200 €.

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