The awarded Audi Q8 at the Argus Trophies 2019

Another category for the Argus Trophies 2019 with these great SUVs. Everyone defends their cause: a premium status, a family desire with seven seats or a reinterpretation of mythical models like the new Jeep Wrangler and the Mercedes G-Class, others clarify the engines of the future: power for the Jaguar I-Pace and hydrogen for the Hyundai Nexo.

The balance of voices underscores a more traditional choice in which the quality of design, high-end manufacturing and embedded technology have played a role: The Audi Q8 is the winner of this category of street giants. This brand new model benefits from Audi's extensive experience with SUVs and rewards. His victory, however, was played with a breath against the Seat Tarraco, which drew the jury's attention for other reasons: consistency of offer, type of SUV expected by the families, and included prizes. The BMW X4 completes the podium with its coupe SUV silhouette, which is no longer surprising as in the days of the first model.

The Audi Q8 wins quattro tiptronic8 with its 50 TDI version

  • Price: 85,200 €
  • Engine: V6 diesel
  • Power: 286 hp
  • Residual value: 55.8%
  • Mixed consumption: 6.8 l / 100 km
  • CO2 emissions: 178 g / km
  • Malus 2019: 6.810 €

2019 Family and Premium SUV Trophy Rankings

1st st Audi Q8 139
Second Seat Tarraco 138
Third BMW X4 137
4th Volkswagen Touareg 120
5th Mercedes GLE 108
6th Jaguar I-Pace 98
7th BMW X5 93
8 th Hyundai Nexo 92
9. th Jeep Wrangler 70
10 th Mercedes G-Class 52

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