The german futures of 2019


Audi R8 redesigned
Audi SQ2

The fourth generation ofAudi A3 will be the most important novelty of the brand this year. Let's not forget the sport Audi S6 and Audi S7 Sportback and the ultra sport RS5 Sportback, RS6 and RS7 Sportbackeven the numerous electric and plug-in hybrid models.

R8 redesigned: 1st quarter (start)

SQ2: 1st quarter (launch)

e-tron: 1st quarter (launch)

A6 Allroad : 2nd quarter (presentation)

S6 / S7 : 2nd quarter (presentation)

A6 / A7 / Q5 rechargeable hybrid : 2nd quarter

SQ8: 2nd quarter (presentation)

A4 has been redesigned : 2nd quarter

A3 : 3rd quarter (presentation)

Q7 redesigned: 3rd quarter (presentation)

RS5 Sportback /RS6/RS7 : 3rd quarter

4th quarter: 4th quarter (presentation)

e-tron Sportback: 4th quarter (presentation)


BMW 8 Series Convertible Gray Front View in the Detached Studio

BMW 8 Series Convertible

The nnew BMW 3 Series Limousine will appear in concession and reveal her silhouette break: 3 Touring, And the offer makes the big difference between the new Mastodon X7, the Sport Coupé M8 and the new Series 1.

Series 7 revised: January (presentation)

3 Series Sedan: March (Start)

8 Series Convertible: March (Introduction)

X7: March (start)

Z4: March (start)

M340i: May (start)

Series 3 Touring: 2nd quarter (presentation)

X1 has been redesigned : 2nd quarter (presentation)

X6: 3rd quarter (presentation)

X3M / X4M : 3rd quarter (presentation)

Series 1: 3rd quarter (presentation)

Series 8 Gran Coupé: 4th quarter (presentation)

M8 Coupé and Cabriolet: 4th quarter (presentation)


Ford Focus ST 2019 front view orange spy image in a factory
Ford Focus ST
Ford Focus ST

It's not just that mustang and SUVs at Ford, the Mondeo redesigned and the Focus ST will also speak.

Mondeo redesigned : 1st quarter (presentation)

Kuga : 3rd quarter (presentation)

Focus ST: 3rd quarter (presentation)


Mercedes GLE 2019 front view gray in the USA
Mercedes GLE

At Mercedes, it will be with the completion of the A / B family in the form of CLA-section and break Class A sedan and the new SUV GLB, And at the top of the SUV lineup is the Mercedes GLS A newcomer to the segment will not impress the BMW X7

Class B: 1st quarter (start)

GLE: 1st quarter (start)

CLA: 1st quarter (presentation)

Class V : 1st quarter (presentation)

Class A Limousine: March (start)

AMG GT redesigned: April (start)

GLC / GLC Coupé Restylé: June (presentation)

EQC: Summer (start)

GLS : 3rd quarter (presentation)

CLA Shooting Brake : 3rd quarter (presentation)

GLB: end of 2019 (presentation)


Opel Grandland X blue front view
Opel astra
Opel Grandland X

For Opel, the star 2019 will be the sixth generation Corsa, Designed on the technical basis of new Peugeot 208The Germans become just like the French 100% electric declination,

Zafira life : January (presentation). September (start)

Astra redesigned : 3rd quarter (start)

Vivaro : 3rd quarter (start)

Grandland X PHEV : 3rd quarter (start)

Corsa: 3rd quarter (presentation)

E-Corsa : 4th quarter (start)


New Porsche 911 (992) 2019 rear view white
Porsche 911

In the spring the new 911 The Porsche dealers will then invest in the fall Taycan, the first 100% electric model the story of the brand is revealed.

911 Type 992: March (start)

911 Speedster: 3rd quarter (start)

Taycan: 3rd quarter (presentation)


News pretty quiet in 2019 at Smart with the program, the only redesign of the Fortwo.

Fortwo redesigned : 4th quarter (presentation)


Volkswagen Golf 8 Illustration by Didier RIC blue on blue background
Volkswagen Golf 8
Volkswagen Golf 8

the eighth generation of golf is presented in the fall together with the 100% electric sedan ID in series. And the SUV Volkswagen T-Roc will expand its offer by a sports variant and especially a convertible.

Golf 7 GTI TCR: 1st Quarter (Introduction)

Restyled Passat : 1st quarter (presentation)

Golf 8: 3rd quarter (presentation)

T-Cross: April (start)

T-Roc Cabriolet: 3rd quarter (presentation)

T-Roc R 310 hp : Autumn 2019

ID: 3rd quarter (presentation)


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