The new SUVs of 2019


Aston Martin DBX
Aston Martin DBX

Aston Martin will start with the DBX for its part on the very promising SUV segment. This rival Lamborghini Urus will have a hybrid variant in addition to its thermal versions and probably a 100% declination.

DBX: 4e Quarter (presentation)


Audi e-tron blue front view with charging socket

Audi e-tron

No less than six SUVs are on the program this year at Audi. From the "little" tonic Audi SQ2 at the imposing and electric Audi e-tron Sportbackthere will be something for everyone.

SQ2: 1st Quarter (start)

e-tron: 1st Quarter (start)

SQ8: 2e Quarter (presentation)

Q7 redesigned: 3e Quarter (presentation)

Q4: 4e Quarter (presentation)

e-tron Sportback: 4e Quarter (presentation)


future BMW X6 illustration from Aksyonov Nikita

BMW X6 (Figure)

BMW will complete its SUV range with the imposing BMW X7, a 5.25 m long mastodon that is comfortable, worthy of a sedan, for up to seven adults.

X7: March (start)

X1 redesigned: 2e Quarter (presentation)

X6: 3e Quarter (presentation)

X3M / X4M : 3e Quarter (presentation)


Citroën C5 Aircross rear view rear view white
Citroën C5 Aircross
Citroën C5 Aircross

Citroën offers its first "real" SUV-house with one C5 Aircross technically derived from the Peugeot 3008, It differs in the map of comfort and modularity with three independent seats in the back and a large chest.

C5 Aircross: January


Cupra Ateca gray front view on circuit

Cupra Ateca

The sports brand Seat opens the ball with an SUV and not with a sedan. On the menu are 300 hp under the hood of Cupra Ateca.

Ateca: 1st Quarter (start)


DS3 Crossback E-Tense front view white dé, cor natural

DS3 Crossback E-Tense

Replace aging DS3the premium brand of PSA Group Change his tune. Forget the multipurpose sedan with three doors, seats at one Five-door urban SUV : the DS3 Crossback,

DS3 Crossback: April

DS7 Crossback E-Tense: 3e Quarter (start)

DS3 Crossback E-Tense: 3e Quarter (start)


Kuga : 2e Quarter (presentation)


Honda CR-V Hybrid rear view white
Honda CR-V Hybrid
Honda CR-V Hybrid

The Honda CR-V Hybrid cleverly combines the strengths of an SUV with the interior of a minivan.

CR-V Hybrid: February (start)


Hyundai Santa Fe 2019 orange front view

Hyundai Santa Fe

Originally the new Hyundai Santa Fe was not meant for Europe. However, the Korean manufacturer has changed its plans.

Santa Fe 4: 1st Quarter (start)


Kia Soul EV yellow rear view
Kia Soul EV
Kia Soul EV

The third generation of Kia Soul will only be available in electrical version.

Electric soul: 2e Quarter (start)

Note SUV : 3e Quarter (presentation)


new official camouflage photo of the Land Rover Defender in the mud

Land Rover Defender

The legend is back. The mythical Land Rover Defender will return to the front of the stage with a modern technical base.

Evoque: 2e Quarter (start)

Defender: 4e Quarter (presentation)


Lexus UX red rolling rear view
Lexus UX
Lexus UX

The compact Lexus CT sedan makes room for an SUV: the Lexus UX, Toyota's premium brand has made the right choice.

UX: January (start)


Mercedes GLB camouflage spy image front view

Mercedes GLB

the unique Mercedes GLB will complete an already well-stocked SUV offer this year. This compact model will have 7 seats.

GLE: 1st Quarter (start)

GLC / GLC Coupé Restylé: June (presentation)

EQC: Summer (start)

GLS : 3e Quarter (presentation)

GLB: end of 2019 (presentation)


Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross rear view red
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

A diesel engine remains a must in Europe. the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross I know it well.

Eclipse Cross Diesel: 2e Quarter (start)


Juke II : 3e Quarter (presentation)


Opel Grandland X red front view natural static photo

Opel Grandland X

The SUV Opel family, a technical twin of the Peugeot 3008, will have a plug-in hybrid version, which also offers a four-wheel drive.

Grandland X PHEV : 3e Quarter (start)


Peugeot 3008 GT Hybrid4 Special charging socket
Peugeot 3008 GT Hybrid4
Peugeot 3008 GT Hybrid4

the Peugeot 3008 will increase in power (300 hp) and have that rechargeable hybrid technology also with four-wheel drive.

3008 GT Hybrid4: 3e Quarter (start)

2008 II : 3e Quarter (presentation)


future illustration Renault Captur 2 2019 Didier RIC red front view on red background

Renault Captur 2

The second version of the Renault Captur will be longer for more flexibility.

Koleos redesigned: 2e Quarter (presentation)

Capture II: 3e Quarter (presentation)


Seat Tarraco rear view blue
Seat Tarraco
Seat Tarraco

After the Ateca middle class and the small Arona among the cities Seat will complete its offer by a large SUV with seven seats.

Tarraco: February 2019 (start)


Skoda Vision X concept car front view yellow lounge of Genève, 2018

Concept car Skoda Vision X

Last year at the Geneva Motor Show Skoda introduced the concept car

Vision X (Photo above) This year the serial version is named Skoda Kosmiq,

Kosmiq: 2e Quarter (presentation)


Model Y : 3e Quarter (presentation)


Toyota Rav 4 front view decor natural white, gray and red

Toyota Rav 4

the fifth generation of the Toyota RAV 4 a very well elaborated style, a modern technical TNGA platform and of course a hybrid engine.

RAV4: February (start)


Rear view turquoise blue Volkswagen T-Cross in studio on white background
Volkswagen T-cross
Volkswagen T-cross

Volkswagen finally enters the urban SUV segment with the T-Cross … six years on Peugeot 2008 and Renault Captur,

T-Cross: April (start)

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