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Vanden Plas was originally a high-end specialized English bodybuilder who later became a label luxurious versions of British Leyland models, We've seen several marked Vanden Plas sedans, as well as more modest models, such as the Princess 1100, which was derived from the Austin 1100. This car impressed with its compact size (3.72 m) and its baroque treatment. including its large vertical grid with chrome stripes.

Charles Aznavour, the famous singer who died on October 1, 2018, had evidently been seduced by the charm of England since he had bought a new copy in 1966. This car was recently found by the experts of Bonhams in the castle's castle singer sister, where she has been stored for decades. And although it belonged to a second owner (the current seller), it seems like the car never drove off. Charles Aznavour was the last to take the wheel!

This Vanden Plas Princess will be presented on February 7th in Paris at the Grand Palais during the auction "The World's Leading Brands in the Grand Palais" signed with his original plates and his gray card Charles Aznavourian (his full name) because the second owner had not rewritten the papers. The car is sold in the "barn exit" condition and appears to be in very good condition while the engine starts and runs.

she is estimated between 15,000 and 25,000 euros by Bonhams and it is sold with a receipt confirming the sale of Charles Aznavour to the last owner, but also an autograph that is offered to him by the singer.