Toyota Corolla was awarded the Argus Trophies 2019

In the compact sedans, the podium of the Argus Trophies 2019 was hard to guess this year: an ever more talented Kia Ceed, a Ford Focus in terms of increased hospitality, a Mercedes A-class with voice command. "smart" and spectacular screens, the victory finally went to the Toyota Corolla, pragmatic … but not only.

Thanks to its hybrid technology, a guarantee of success these days and that has brought the Corolla to the top of the budget ranking: Riquiqui consumption, no penalty, nice residual value, purchase price less than a 100% electric model (33 300 € for the sheet (6,000 € bonus deducted). All assets now have a more dynamic exterior presentation, more qualitative interior design and a more powerful version (2.0 to 180 hp in addition to the 1.8 to 122 hp) that will deter the public from the sluggishness of compact hybrids at the Street.

The Toyota Corolla wins with its 1.8 to 122h version

  • Price: 28.765 €
  • Engine: four cylinders 1.8 + electric
  • Power: 122 hp
  • Residual value: 53.6%
  • Mixed consumption: 3.4 l / 100 km
  • CO2 emissions: 76 g / km

2016 Compact Sedan Trophy Ranking

1. Toyota Corolla 90
Second Mercedes class A 85
Third Ford Focus 82
4th Kia Ceed 66
5th Nissan leaf 56
6th Subaru Impreza 20

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