Trial Jeep Wrangler 2.2 Rubicon (2019): and if there is only one left

You are tired of hearing about it Automated driving and connected car? So listen to the Jeep Wrangler song. Nissan Patrol and Mitsubishi Pajero have left the poster. The Land Rover Defender, which has been in action for two years, will not know when, probably with an integrated SUV chassis. The Toyota Land Cruiser is tedious: banal, no convertible version. The new Mercedes G-Class is a diva: not less than 110 000 €. In order to leave the marked highways of modern automotive thinking, only Wrangler, now heir, remains in tune with the Jeep Willys, his illustrious ancestor and dam of all four-wheel drive vehicles.

Spare wheel stowed on the trunk door, vertical rear wall, straight flanks, large fender flares and large suspension travel: The Wrangler is a 4×4 with an authentic taste.

This family brandThe Wrangler wears it on his body and on his face: round lights, grille with seven vertical noses, square shoulders, powerful look, high ground clearance (25 cm), spare wheel in backpack. He also wears it in the gut: chassis ladder, compulsory all-wheel drive, gearbox, speed control. Or in Rubicon version for Baroud, differential lock front / rear, stabilizer before uncoupling, all-wheel drive and special bridges.

The Wrangler Gen IV takes on the square format that made Jeep famous. He just agreed to roll up his big grille a bit to produce less air and reduce his consumption.
The Wrangler takes on the square format that made the glory of Jeep. He agreed to bend his famous grille a bit to produce less air and reduce his consumption.
A glimpse of its origins: the Wrangler taillights take the form of a gas pumper that was once stowed away on Willy's jeep.
An indication of its origin: The taillights of the Wrangler take the form of a gas canister, which was once docked on the Jeep Willys.

Like its predecessor, the Wrangler offers two bodies: 5 doors (4.88 m) or 3 doors (4.33 m) with a wheelbase reduced by 55 cm (2.46 m). Both give you the choice between hardtop with removable panels and hood or a mix for the long configuration. As the parity definitely responds, finally, the Wrangler aligns two engines: 2.2 diesel with 200 hp and 2.0 turbo petrol with 272 hp, combined with a BVA8 originating from ZF.

Jeep Wrangler 2.2 Rubicon Award

2,500 € lower placed than the long version UnlimitedThe Wrangler starts at 46,000 €, with diesel and petrol, but rises quickly: 52,600 € under the label Rubicon, which brings him the differential lock front / rear and the stabilizer before uncoupling, which can not reach the other versions even optional. The jump is therefore sensitive from one generation to another. On the order of 10 000 €: his oldest started at 35 400 € in Diesel 2.8 200 t BVA5 and 44 500 € in Rubicon. The time when the Wrangler offered a basic equipment, but friendly prices, is over, especially since the punishment does not thank for the fact that he has reduced his CO2 from 237 to 195 g / km from diesel to diesel for the same performance: maximum penalty 10,500 €.

As he lifts the blanket, the Wrangler reveals the cage that surrounds his roof in the five-door version. His line suffers, but the benefit is twofold: chassis stiffness, reversing safety.
When removing the hood, the Wrangler reveals here in the five-door version, the cage that surrounds his roof. His line suffers, but the benefit is twofold: chassis stiffness, reversing safety.

In his defense, however, the new Wrangler can cause another qualitative leap. BVA 8, 7-inch multimedia screen, Apple CarPlay and Android car applications, modern diesel less rough and greedy than the old 2.8 CRD, aluminum in the doors and the hood, neat finish. Certainly his equipment record seems to be affected by some absences. But in reflection these omissions honor him. Why only four airbags? Because the Wrangler, like the Willys, can lower its windshield and dismantle its doors, which prohibits the installation of side airbags. Why not electric seats in the overland ground (55.000 €)? Because the floor is washed with water, with drainage drains. The price is less friendly than in the past. But the Wrangler, always going his own way, is always like this.

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