Uber offers free rides in the "toy car" in Paris

A few days before Christmas Uber wants to arouse the customers of the child with his offers free excursions in Paris really different in vehicles than any other. There are six vehicles available, including an agricultural truck, a "1000-color delivery van", a Lego-style car or modeling clay, and even a decorated stroller like a remote-controlled car. In short, no matter what vehicle, you will not go unnoticed …

This operation is only available in Paris. from the 10th to the 13th of December 2018, The rides are completely free, it is even possible reserve a car seat to enjoy this unusual ride with your child (at least 4 years).

To book a race, just visit the Uber mobile app and order one of the six UberToysbetween 10h and 18h. We also need luck: no vehicle was available for every attempt to book a race.

Where do these Uber Toys come from?

The six Uber Toys vehicles were bought all over France on the second hand market. Under her toy body, thought and built by the designer Arno Roth (Except for the buggy designed by Booxt of Troyes), there are various vehicles such as a Jaguar XJ (Lego car), a Land Rover Defender (truck) or an old Saab 900 (Autoteig) model).

After Paris, the cars will work together for a similar operation with the cities of Zurich (Switzerland) and Vienna (Austria). When they return to France in early January 2019, they will be offered the "Auteuil Azubis" Foundation, where they will be used as an educational tool.

Source: Uber

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