Unusually: an Audi A5 and a Ferrari 360 Modena by the sea

Why should not cars like their owners have the right to vacation and have a good time? In any case, some have decided to repress and eliminate this injustice, as you can see in these two situations, to say the unusual.

Audi A5 on the beach

In any case, the Audi A5 seems to love the sand! Following the story of the fishing fisherman who brought his car to the water's edge so as not to have to carry his crop, here is another copy of the German coupe stranded in the middle of the beach in Hossegor, France. the country. This time the owner just wanted it Test the efficiency of Quattro transmission His A5 on the sand, especially to finally be able to pull his jet ski to the sea.

If it seems hard to say that the experiment was final, suppose our husband had the answer to his question. No, it's better not to think about an Audi A5 to get into the Dakar. Fortunately, the car was still far from the edge when it was stuck, and it was not affected by water in the first place.

Ferrari 360 Modena dives

The same can not be said about the poor Ferrari 360 Modena, who apparently spent more than 24 hours at the bottom of the water

9 m deep. The facts took place in Palm Beach Florida and the most amazing thing is The car was apparently deliberately thrown into the water at high speed from its owner, as seen in the video below. The reason for this act remains unclear at the moment, since it is known that the man in question was not a priori under the influence of alcohol or any narcotic.

ferrari 360 coulê, è e

However, the Ferrari was salvaged and pulled to the shore after the airbags were inflated by divers. After such a long immersion, however, the restart of the beautiful Italian may take some time …

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