Volkswagen ID: The surprise of the electric sedan in South Africa

A prototype of the Volkswagen ID was spotted by a user in South Africa. The latter had the good idea to take pictures and publish them on his Twitter account. The prototype is well camouflaged, but we recognize the style of the The first electric car from Volkswagen, Compared to the Concept Car ID introduced in 2016, some details have disappeared, such as: B. flush door handles, cameras as mirrors or rear doors.

Not more expensive than a diesel Golf

But it is not really surprising that the manufacturer wants to market the ID to one Price of around 25,000 eurosBonus not included. The ID, whose final name is not yet known, will be released in 2019 and launched one year later. It will replace the Volkswagen e-Golf and will be based on an unprecedented platform (SEM) dedicated to the electric vehicles of the Volkswagen Group. The ID is available in several versions, with three levels of autonomy 330, 400 and 450 km.

Experience our discovery of the Volkswagen ID concept at the Paris Motor Show 2016:

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