Volkswagen Polo: a new 80-horsepower gasoline engine

the Polo 6 owned four gasoline engines with a power range of 65 to 200 hp. Today she adds a new version to her assortment 1.0 out of 80 ch. This 999 cc 3-cylinder engine is just above the 1.0 hp 65 hp and is satisfied with the same technology: no turbo and multi-point injection.

The Volkswagen Polo 1.0 of 80 HP is available in Trendline (€ 15,280), Confortline (€ 17,560) and Connect (€ 17,710). The price is 500 € above that of the 65-hp version, but the performance is almost nonexistent (0.1 seconds less at 0 to 100 km / h), the two engines have the same torque (95 Nm)) and they have the same five-speed gearbox.

Volkswagen Polo 6
Volkswagen Polo petrol 2019
Volkswagen Polo 6

These 1.0 to 80 hp are therefore of little interest compared to the 65 hp version. If you are looking for a shiny Polo for driving, you have to drive with the 1.0 TSI version of 95 hp. It is the same engine block, but with turbo and direct injection: performance, enjoyment and consumption are optimized! The effort of 820 € between 1.0 – 80 hp and 1.0 TSI of 95 hp is worthwhile: The Polo is more pleasant to drive and the resale becomes easier.

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