Volkswagen: The end of the thermal engines will be announced in 2040

If the Gradual reduction of the share of heat vehicles on the market It seems inevitable that some manufacturers, like Volkswagen, seem to be moving more than others. In the case of the German company, the matter is easy to understand as it wipes plaster plaster more than three years after the beginning of the case. Not to mention Traffic restrictions are increasing in major cities especially against diesel.

End of gasoline and diesel engines in 2040

Recently, Michael Jost, Head of Brand Strategy, told Bloomberg that the Volkswagen Group was currently in the process Working on the latest platform for non-neutral vehicles in CO2, It will be launched in 2026. According to the German company, the latest petrol and diesel vehicles are expected to be sold in 2040.

Volkswagen reaffirms its full commitment to achieving the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. Michael Jost adds, though "The problems of diesel pollution in cities can be solved with cleaner engines and the biggest threat in the long run is CO emissions2that contribute to global warming. "

For Volkswagen the offensive of the new generation of electric vehicles will begin in 2020 with the introduction of the compact ID Neo in the spring, then by the ID SUV Crozz in the fall. The Vizzion sedan and the estate SUV will follow in 2022. The group's premium brands are also entering the battle, with the latest Audi e-tron SUV or the Porsche Taycan sedan.

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