Volkswagen Variosport: He will replace Touran and Golf Sportsvan

Volkswagen is preparing to completely reorganize its minivan and MPV offering. Forget the Touran, Golf Sportsvan and Caddy Maxi and place a new model, the Variosport. Available in five- and seven-seat variants, it also replaces the Volkswagen Sharan minivan.

The manufacturer adopts a rational policy with a single model and several lengths to reduce sales. If the competition has subsided, Volkswagen remains and wants a modular formula.

Variosport and Variosport Life

The Volkswagen Variosport will be launched from 2021, which explains that at the moment only "mules" were flown with a body of the current Touran. Small detail that does not deceive, the length of the prototypes is increased over a Touran.

Sheet metal is added between the rear door and the wheel well. The five-seater version will be 4.50 m tall, while the seven-seater version will reach 4.80 m. For the record in the current range are the templates: Golf Sportsvan (4.35 m), Touran (4.53 m), Caddy (4.41 m), Caddy Maxi (4.88 m) and Sharan (4.85 m )).

According to our colleagues from the Spanish side, the long version should take the name Volkswagen Variosport life, And the latter will be an interior layout similar to the one of caravel, with rotating seats in the second row, which can be positioned in the direction of travel or back to the road.

Variosport: a crossover

Profile view of the Volkswagen Variosport prototype
In this development phase, the prototypes are hidden under the body of a Volkswagen Touran

The silhouette of the last vehicle will be that of a crossover, with fewer cubic lines than a traditional minivan. Will there be dynamics like a Ford S-Max? The ground clearance will also be constant to provide some off-road capacity. What should he put aside and rake as far as possible.

The family Volkswagen Variosport will rest on the modular technical platform MQB Evo and will have TSI gasoline, TDI diesel and GTE hybrid engines.

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